New interfaces

Since the last few blogposts I have created an additional 3 studentconnected interfaces, helping to show clearly what the app has to offer to university students.

These include:

  • University News
  • Messenger
  • Personal Timeline

Interface 3


These three interfaces showcase the layout of how they would be viewed by the student when using the app. They have all been laid out in a clear way to allow easy and fast access for students, letting them get on with their educational work and lifestyle without the hindrance of slow and complicated interfaces such as educational competitors like Blackboard. This was one of the main points made within the brief that I wanted to meet. All of these interfaces are relatively easy to understand and use, without any tutorials or assistance. Some of the interface designs are similar to other popular apps such as Facebook Messenger; this was purposely done to help students pick up the studentconnected app and immediately know how to use it.

These are the 3 features that are described on the studentconnected website that I wanted to visually show due to their complex nature and their openness to design – I wanted to show my take on these features.

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