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Jamie Whiffen, is a second year media production undergraduate at The University of Lincoln. He has been creating through mediums since the age of 9 when he began producing tutorials, graphics and VFX videos and had been actively working on various projects ever since.

In 2006, Jamie launched his YouTube channel ‘Whiffen’ as a place to show off his personality over gameplay videos; as of September 2015, over 22,000,000 views have been accumulated & 78,000 subscribers follow Jamie’s antics. Other YouTube channels include ‘Jamie Whiffen’; a personal, humorous musing vlogging channel with the occasional short film thrown in.

In 2015 he launched JamieWhiffen.co.uk as a place to host additional content that he was creating. The ‘read’ section can be used to gain access to his wriring, projects, playlists and more. ‘Film’ curates all of Jamie’s latest work from his vlog/film making channel to Jamie’s gaming channel. ‘Photography’ hosts images seen in individual & collected stacks ready for viewing.

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