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This blog was born out of the Digital Media module at The University of Lincoln, and its intention to keep track of my learning, progress and creative decisions over the next year. A large part of this blog is going to focus on my weekly workshops and the efforts worked at to produce superb quality work – These skills workshops are designed to push myself in various areas to prepare for a final project called ‘One Minute Wonder‘ in which I will have to create a short film on the subject of myself. A competition featuring dozens of European ‘digicreators’ will also be entered; you’ll be able to see my progression on the blog as I attempt to win in a certain category.

Skills workshops are focused in four areas with two, 3 hour sessions:

  • Branding Design & DTP
  • Motion Graphics
  • Digital Interactions
  • Visual Effects


One Minute Wonder, is the convergence task for the digital media module which is worth 30% of the grade; The task is to create a minute long short film focusing on myself while showcasing that I understand and can demonstrate the principles and production processes covered over the skills workshops in the first 8 weeks.


EYAThe European Youth Award is a contest that spans the whole of Europe and judges individuals on their projects in a variety of ways, this is a great way to motivate young people, social entrepreneurs and start-ups to produce some fantastic work that may not have been created without the award. Over the next few months and especially next year this blog will be home to all of the digital work myself and team mates create in an attempt to win in one of the following categories:

  • Healthy Life
  • Smart Learning
  • Connecting Cultures
  • Go Green
  • Active Citizenship
  • Money Matters 


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