Critical Analysis – FROG LEARNING

Like Blackboard, Frog is an educational management system & web portal used within primary to sixth form institutions compared to Blackboard’s university platform. The main vision behind Frog is to create a platform that will help teachers understand students better through online education and uploaded content to the site. Frog is slightly different to Blackboard in that it allows students to create their own personalized space in which they can discuss, upload and distribute various forms of content to other students or teachers.

Frog works in similar way to Pinterest (which I have spoen about o the blog before) in that it allows users to place (Pin) content within a designated space that they have control over – allowing media such as photos, YouTube videos and Vimeo, soundcloud bytes and more to help students get their points across.

The following video showcases how Frog can be used to display this data:

I like the idea of being able to create your own space for yourself or group and feel like this should be a part of my app. I want to incorporate a feature where group work can be discussed and content can be distributed on a platform like Frog. This could be incredibly useful in group work such as Film & TV Production to place images of inspiration, cast and crew contact details, soundtracks and more.

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