Composition Practise & Improved Proposal


This blog post is going to focus on the composition practise that we were tasked with in our recent Digital Media lecture. I will also showcase the new and improved proposal based off of myself and James’s meeting as discussed in the previous blog post.

In the lecture taught by Jon Holmes, we were shown the fundamentals of good composition and how to show contrast within our designs to engage individual’s eyes. The following are some of the key concepts put forth:

  1. Design it about the relationship between components.
  2. CONTRAST in Light CONTRAST in Colour CONTRAST in Character CONTRAST in Sound
  3. Dimensions and Scale
  4. Balance can be asymmetrical to promote Contrast & Focus.
  5. Rule of Thirds
  6. Landscape colours change to show Distance.

I had designed something very similar to what Jon had demonstrated in a live tutorial within the lecture months before hand and it was quite remarkable how many of these key concepts I had already taken into account without ever having assistance from Jon. I had created the following design:



I find that my design breaks some of the rules Jon had put forward within his lecture, such as placing the hero in the centre of the composition rather than on a rule of thirds or along its lines. I used the mountains to create a valley where the hero would pass through but also to draw the eyes in towards there hero to see his scale in comparison to the massive mountain in the background. I had also designed a whale to be in the centre of the composition to help create a more interesting and abstract image that would make you ponder as to why there is a flying whale.

These key concepts will help when it comes to designing my app & final concept poster through contrast, colour, size etc. This could be used to help keep students engaged within the app and to showcase certain buttons, images and composition within the smartphone’s display to showcase certain areas of importance.


Since last week I have updated the proposal with the changes that were discussed with James in our meeting, I feel that the proposal is more concise and professional for it and that the project as a whole is now more defined moving forward.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.00.50

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