I have created many updates to the applications design, primarily the logo which has already seen many alterations from the original university cap icon to the simplified ‘SC’ version with multi-colour polygons throughout the logo. Since then I have updated the logo to have fewer polygons, allowing for a pattern of similar sizes throughout the graphic. Originally the logo had many of these large polygon shapes with one area on the ‘S’ letter that was concentrated heavily with smaller polygons. You can see the before and after below:

SC Logo- Vector



SC Logo- Vector


This is a great improvement that keeps the consistency of the logo solid – I prefer this as it looks aestheticly pleasing, however since I have tried multiple versions of the SC logo such as grey scale polygons and a simple grey.

SC Logo- Greyscale

Here is the plain grey which I particularly like – I feel this would work on the red pixelated background as the apps icon. I will develop this within a future blog post.

SC Logo- Grey

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